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Poverty is not natural. It is created and violently maintained.

People open your eyes. No one wants to be poor. Many people are born to poverty because this system is based on exploitation and greed. The outcome is disastrous for the nature, for our society, for our mental/physical health. Honestly guys, something has to change. Competition is the most primitive human behavior. Cooperation and service to others is the highest form of existence. It is like comparing shit with diamonds.

Whenever you meet someone who pretends to be noble and yet agrees with exploitation, is incredibly competitive, loves to revenge himself and pretends to belong to a higher social class, know that such person no matter how many ‘amazing’ skills he pretends to have is still a ‘shitty’ person. Many of the people that are rotten inside are very careful about how they appear from the outside. Polished in speech and style but garbage inside…

Remember that biggest geniuses our society ever had were the most humble people. They knew that their genius was given to them, they didn’t own it. They knew that the reason why they were born was to uplift humanity from the darkness. Because thats the plan. Its called EVOLUTION.

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From the article about art of healing:

Like many of the metaphysical energies that operate through man, the actual substance and nature of the will is unknown to materialistic thinkers, but the consequences which it sets up can be studied and classified. Will is usually bound up with purposes of physical ambition, and if these ambitions are inordinate, frequently the result is tragic. The will may force a condition or state that is foreign to the capacity of the personality, and will power, unsupported by adequate rational strength from within the self, can only result in disaster. The delusion is common that will power is a substitute for trained ability.

Some metaphysical teachers have circulated doctrines to the effect that a person can accomplish anything that he wills to accomplish. Nothing could be further from the truth; but such ideas appeal to those who have little desire to equip themselves by the arduous procedure of real personal effort. Even if the will could with certainty bring about the circumstances willed for, there is nothing to prove these new conditions would be more solutional than the present state. The uninformed cannot know what is necessary to themselves. The informed quietly but effectively bring about the patterns that they require, without heroic exertions of the will.

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Psychic self-destruction

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A song for people that decided to stay pure and innocent in the age of decadence…

I feel sorry for the people that live in their illusory lives and are forcing others to accept their pervert vision of the world.
Such people are the most arrogant, cruel and violent in their actions and their speech.
They think their dirt and abnormality is normal. These people cannot stand purity and innocence.
It is driving them crazy.

How to understand who you are and the people around you


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