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A song for people that decided to stay pure and innocent in the age of decadence…

I feel sorry for the people that live in their illusory lives and are forcing others to accept their pervert vision of the world.
Such people are the most arrogant, cruel and violent in their actions and their speech.
They think their dirt and abnormality is normal. These people cannot stand purity and innocence.
It is driving them crazy.

How to understand who you are and the people around you



America’s Education Deficit and the War on Youth

UnknownEven though I am European the situation here is very similar. Yes we have free schools at least but still not everyone can afford it and many other issues regarding our education…

From the commentaries I’ve found on Amazon:

“Dr. Giroux connects the education deficit with the power of corporate authoritarianism. He observes that the public education system is under pressure to minimize critical thinking and science literacy so that students do not possess the skills to meaningfully question or challenge the status quo. As the privileges of the wealthy remains beyond reproach, pseudo-intellectuals are granted license to scapegoat immigrants, minorities, workers and the young. The author cites Mitt Romney’s deceitful presidential campaign of 2012 as proof of how corporate public relations machines have been designed to narrow the discourse, manipulate facts and exclude the poor.”
source here


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