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The most beautiful human being I have ever seen

Ram Buddha boysource here

This is the most beautiful human being I have ever seen… I watched some of his videos on youtube and the innocence and love getting out of his facial expressions almost makes you cry. I cannot even describe how beautiful this is. God bless this boy.  Ram Bahadur Bomjon – Little Buddha.

Love is white magic

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The more you love, the more you become yourself. And the more you become yourself, the more mastery you gain over your weaknesses.  Everything that is ugly, limiting, disharmonious, or contradictory within you is not you.  It is the not-self.  As you become yourself through love, you conquer everything that is the notself. This is why we say that love leads to self-actualization.

 Every beauty created in the Universe is the result of an act of love.  If there is love in your home, there is beauty there.  If there is love in your nation, then peace, creativity, achievement, and fulfillment are there in your nation.

 Love does not mean sentimentalism or feelings.
Real love has three branches—intellect, compassion, and power.

 The first branch of love is pure intellect, light.  This is why a great disciple once said, “Whoever loves has light.  Whoever hates has darkness in him.”

 If you have real love, you understand people.  You read their motives and intentions.  If you have real love, nobody can deceive you.  This is a very important idea. Whenever people manipulate you or cheat you, it means that you have a certain degree of lack of love in you.

Love is not “goody-goodyness.” Many people think that if you have love, everyone can use you, sexually, physically, emotionally, and mentally, and then throw you away like rubbish.  This is not real love.  Real love cannot be exploited.  Love is not a surrender to the devil or to a self-destructive process.
Light means penetration and even Intuition.  If you love someone, your love opens the door of his heart and tells you what is going on in its depths, no matter what the surface appears to be.  Love, compassion, and power work together.

 by Torkom Saraydarian

Hedonistic sustainability

How to balance between spiritual and material

On the coast

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Beautiful men and women must be very careful

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Frequently it is beautiful men and women, those who are full of magnetism, who become trapped in the messes of life. This happens because dark forces try the hardest to destroy those who give promise of being universal in their thinking and creativity, who seem destined to bring some great beauty to the world.

Dark forces try to block love; they do not want beauty, goodness, truth, joy, and freedom to increase. Especially when a man or woman is beautiful, intelligent, and creative, he or she must be very careful not to be misused in sex or pseudo-love. They must try not to end in the traps of dark forces that would prevent them from expressing their beauty and worth in the world.

-Torkom Saraydarian

From the blog Worshipping The Fire


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