Cao Hui is a remarkable sculptor in the Chinese contemporary art scene. His techniques and themes are unique and his works speak very strongly to the East and the West

China is a developing country that is lacking in human rights, therefore there is wide-spread animal cruelty. Cao Hui’s works are beautifully violent and show the truth behind what you are eating or wearing.

The artist is a vegan which is an anomaly in a country that is known to eat “anything with its back to the sun.”

Why Capitalism has no sense

..To the producer, competition is an irritant and a source of insecurity. Therefore, his drive is toward monopoly. Since every producer wants to remove the obstacles to the most profitable sale of the largest practical volume of his goods, his instinctive drive is to limit competition. The fact is that the essence of marketing strategy is to establish as many monopoly positions as possible. These may involve patents, trade- marks, style leaderships, exclusive arrangements of all kinds, the size of dominance of advertising and selling efforts, the extent to which the consumer’s emotional attitude towards his consumption can become the captive of the producer.

Strong Influence of Television

Probably the most powerful weapon of the dominant producers lies in their use of television. To a greater degree than ever before a relative handful of products will share a monopoly of most of the leisure time of the American family. We will have over 30 million television households next year. And television achieves three results to an extent no other advertising medium has ever approached. First, it creates a captive audience. Second, it submits that audience to the most intensive indoctrination. Third, it operates on the entire family.

Obviously, the limited number of sponsors and the high cost of television combine to produce a growing threat to the 25,000 or so nationally advertised brands and the 200,000 or more private brands, store brands, regional brands, which cannot or do not aspire to television. But what the retailer should see is that all of this pressure upon the consumer not only gives him innumerable choices, but actually strengthens his ability to reject the overwhelming proportion of the items proffered by our competitive economy …Continue reading here





American flag

Russian flag

As an Eastern European I feel very upset about the situation our world is currently in. There are loads of insults regarding both countries but with all honesty I think both countries are very important for our world. I am not saying they are perfect however they are very important in shaping of our future. To me US and Russia are like YING AND YANG and they even both stand next to each other if you look at the map. They both gave us great artists, innovation and both have its own problems as every other country does. Both are hated and admired. In my life I had many American friends as I had Russian ones. And I have noticed that these people are probably the most hard working and smartest people I have ever met. Well, of course people from other countries are also hard workers and have loads of genius people but I am currently writing about US and Russia so please excuse me :) . Okay so guys lets think positive now and stay assured that both countries will influence one another in the most positive way. There is no reason for hate. We have to have the most positive thoughts now because the power of the thought is immense and is influencing our future.