They say that God does not exist

When some scientist proclaims that GOD doesn’t exist you can be sure that such person is not only extremely ignorant but incredibly arrogant too. No one in this world not even SCIENCE can DISPROVE THE EXISTENCE OF GOD. It is impossible because they cannot ever find an evidence for its NONEXISTENCE unless they will violently force you to believe their lie. These people are fighting the STRAW MAN in which another crazy group of fanatics believe in – They think God is a human. These two kinds of people are exactly the same. One is able to kill in the name of disproved straw man and another kills in the name of the straw man which they have never seen in a person. But God is beyond human understanding. Its beyond mind. Its everything we see around and it has its own Universal laws and if you do not want to understand and research how these laws within Universe work than you are lost forever.

In my own limited human understanding we cannot personally meet God, we can only live in him and understand him through our existence and through everything that exists connected to us. I believe that darkness and light are part of God however that darkness exists only in order to make us distinguish right from wrong. But even this description is very limited. However all I know from my own experience is that we get closer to God when wherever we are there is BEAUTY, LOVE, AND LIGHT. Actually these things are all one. a8221643cef3b03b3e282817ca67369cImage source here

They say that God does not exist

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