Intellectual suicide

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When a person develops his intellect without spiritual practice what happens is that the person becomes arrogant. When the heart is not ruling the head self-obsession, superiority and detachment from the Universal truth leads to a complete loss of intuition. For a while life of such person can be prosperous but slowly and surely things will start to fall apart. This can happen on physical, emotional, or mental level. However, before something big occurs there are small warnings in whatever form. Illness, arguments, signs of whatever kind, dreams. You have to remember there are no coincidences in life at all. The problem is that without intuition we cannot explain why these things happened to us. It can be for a completely different reason than we think. Our brain/eyes can only perceive the physical world not the invisible one. Invisible world is where things happen first before they translate into a physical world. Such as thoughts, words, intentions, feelings. If these are wrong and not in accordance with Universal laws we are creating disorder. Disorder leads to chaos and chaos leads to death. 

Intellectual suicide

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