Vampires are real

There are so many jobs that add no value to our planetary life and there are even more jobs that subtract from it. Jobs that literally suck everything from the people that  work really hard. Such jobs are usually administrative and highly paid. And many of those doing these jobs call themselves Elite or feel that they are part of it. If you look at it from an energetic point of view, these people are the modern vampires. They are sucking the energy from the system and they actually suck more than they need, just to have a party everyday and laugh in your face. These people produce nothing and create nothing (the rentier class). They for some reason think that they are actually the most productive people of all because its very comfortable to their ego to think so. They will even convince you that we all need them. In fact they have already tricked most of humanity.

5c26029206b0fb8d073102485654c158Image source here

Vampires are real

3 thoughts on “Vampires are real

    1. Thats the reality that was here probably for thousands of years and its all very well hidden behind the walls of material illusions most of the people believe. I think however that the curtains are slowly lifting up. Just wait few more years. I think humanity will change forever to an unrecognizable state of existence. We will never believe the same things ever again. I think that will happen within next 5 to 7 years at least thats what most of the serious astrologers say. Even though the process of change will be massive for many decades.

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