Future Work

In Britain today several million people are unemployed. In the industrialised countries as a whole the number runs into tens of millions. For third world countries the situation is even worse. In 1982 the International Labour Organisation (ILO) estimated that a thousand million new jobs would have to be created by the year 2000 in order to achieve full employment worldwide. The Director-General of the ILO commented at the time: “It has to be fully understood that there will be no situation of full employment if we are speaking of conventional employment.”1* Things have got worse, not better, since then.

Most conventional politicians and economists still seem to claim, though with diminishing assurance, that their particular policies will bring back full employment in the long run. But, year by year, more and more people see these claims as utopian wishful thinking, if not downright deception. The impact of labour-saving technology, the competitive pressures of international trade, and the reluctance of taxpayers to finance more public service jobs, clearly suggest that, if substantial economic growth ever does come back as we still understand it, much of it is likely to be jobless growth. More and more people now feel in their bones, not only that many years of high unemployment lie ahead, but that full employment will never return again. They yearn for realistic and responsible leaders who will admit this possibility, and be prepared to respond to the new situation it implies.

From the book Future Work, by James Robertson
Online book here 

Future Work

4 thoughts on “Future Work

  1. “and the reluctance of taxpayers to finance more public service jobs”…. I am very worried about my childrens future.. I think what is lacking in our world is empathy for others.. For those that have good jobs now, they can’t understand why they should help or sacrifice a small tax increase so that other people can also feed their families.. Too many of us have the mentality, ” I am doing well” why can’t others too.. I work in a world with the “haves”..The opinion of the “have nots” is really depressing. They don’t want to see the “have nots” nor hear about their woes.. That, unfortunately is the world we now live in.. Not sure what will change it until the “haves” become the “have nots”………

    1. Marcus…..what u just wrote is what Im asking myself and others all the time. I am coming from a family that used to be very poor and suddenly become very wealthy while the rest of my friends were struggling so much. I also couldn’t find a decent job. All those years underpaid, underemployed, I became a black sheep of my own family because they r forced to take care of me and I am almost 30 now. Lost insane amount of money thanks to my studies abroad and what I have achieved? Nothing. My family had a hard time understand why I m such a failure. Now that they are struggling as well they hopefully wake up. I see so much ignorance and arrogance and selfishness today. Its an absolute disaster. Absolute disaster. I am not as much scared of myself. Im not scared to die from hunger or cold. Ive tasted homelessness even though no one would say it about me because everyone think Im too posh looking. I am scared of my mom and dad and my cats….My own family became so poisoned by wealth whenever there is an argument in the family it is always about it. Everyone is selfish. Its heartbreaking…… Its the saddest thing of all in life that can happen.

      1. Well my story is a little different. I grew up in a upper middle class family. Private schools, nanny growing up etc.. Parents went through a divorce when I was about 13 and everything changed dramatically..

        10 years ago my wifes family was thinking about buying a plane lol. Three years later they had to sell their beach house..

        My point is I have both sides of this issue and it always surprises me that people are so nieve about wealth. People only realize that others who are not “making it” are not bums when they run into problems themselves.

        No amount of arguing or trying to share the other side of the story is going to change their minds until they go through a little adversity of their own.

        ” I see so much ignorance and arrogance and selfishness today”. We are human beings, and we will always try to differentiate our selves from others. Whether it is based on social status, education, religion & race.. But sadly, it has been this way since the beginning of mankind which kinda means that as humans, we suck :-).

        I do wish the world had more people that would empathize with others but that is not the case. And it may be getting worse.. All that being said, try and have a good weekend!

      2. Marcus dear just because humans are naturally nasty and selfish doesnt mean it ends up there and that it is normal if the same behavior continues even in the future. Not at all. I would literally call this economic/moral crisis a KARMA because people simply are refusing to change for the better ! And even Universe has its certain amount of patience. I would say. Evolve or die. We are currently dying in many forms.

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